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Corporate Services

We develop solutions that deliver measurable corporate advantage.

Globebyte Corporate Services

As a full service house we take clients from design to deployment, including back-office integration with existing RDBMs, ERP and inventory platforms, and front-office integration with existing CRM, sales and customer support platforms.

With a renowned design competency there is a strong focus on usability.


Globebyte Corporate Services

Examples of our corporate services work include:

- Developing the engineering performance optimisation system for Heathrow Terminal 4

- Developing the key account engagement platform for IBM

- Developing the internal distributed rich media marketing communication platform for Unilever

- Developing the ISO/IEC 27002 compliant extranet for Siemens Communications


Globebyte Corporate Services


We are Microsoft Partners, IBM Partners and IBM ISVs.

You will find us working with many leading technologies such as Angular, React and .NET for responsive, native and progressive apps for fixed or cloud deployments.

Our clients include

British Airways Microsoft Oracle Siemens Unilever Hitachi AADE OKI Society of Actuaries ACCA NFU Mutual IBM


If you have a corporate technology need call us on +44 (0)208 541 3426

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New Competencies for 2018

We are currently developing two new competencies:

Microsoft PowerApps for Business and Microsoft Mixed Reality for Business


If you are interested in joining our customer uptake group while we develop these competencies get in touch


Globebyte Professional Technology Services

Attention, memory, motivation

Learning Solutions

We design, develop and manage professional development learning technology for professional and corporate customers

Deterministic, stochastics, predictive

Actuarial Solutions

We work hand-in-hand with leading societies, mathematicians and technologists to develop practical solutions for actuaries

Art, Design, Technology, Engineering

Corporate Services

As a full service house we take clients from design to deployment, including back-office integration

Define, question, implement, interpret

Applied Research

Big brands come to us to have their assumptions validated and generalized into client-driven solutions

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