Globebyte London

A professional technology services organisation that help our clients be exceptional

Attention, memory, motivation

Learning Solutions

We design, develop and manage professional development learning technology for professional and corporate customers

Deterministic, stochastics, predictive

Actuarial Solutions

We work hand-in-hand with leading societies, mathematicians and technologists to develop practical solutions for actuaries

Art, Design, Technology, Engineering

Corporate Services

As a full service house we take clients from design to deployment, including back-office integration

Define, question, implement, interpret

Applied Research

Big brands come to us to have their assumptions validated and generalized into client-driven solutions

Globebyte London


# S T O R Y

We become your brand, and work closely with you to formulate your strategy;
whether it be to develop a new product, increase market share or improve customer retention.

# J O U R N E Y

Our creative teams develop beautiful visual stories that align with your strategy.
A rigorous UX design process ensures these are proven, and ready for digital blueprinting.

# E X P E R I E N C E

Our technologists develop your end-to-end cross-device platform, interfacing an existing back-office, or built as a stand-alone;
we deliver results that perfect the vision.

# P A R T N E R S H I P

We help you to analyse and learn from the strategy, even after deployment. We don't just break when your deadline has been met;
we stand by you to ensure success.



Our clients include

British Airways Microsoft Oracle Siemens Unilever Hitachi AADE OKI Society of Actuaries ACCA NFU Mutual IBM

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